Friday, 27 January 2017

Clockwork Mask

Hi and welcome to my blog  :)   Some more Steampunk for you today, this is another of my samples for the tv launch of the Time Travellers PP collection.  I love decorating masks and I've wanted to do a Steampunk mask for years, so this was an ideal opportunity!  This mask is inspired by the clockwork villain in the film 'Hellboy'.  I have created this with just die cuts from the collection; stencils; black gesso, texture pastes; Dyna paints, gilding waxes and two metal embellishments.  

I started by painting a white mask with black gesso as a base.  While that was drying I die cut some cogs, chains, pipes and clocks from black card.   I covered some of them with texture paste, and some with gilding waxes.  When the paste was dry I painted over it with Dyna paints and gilding waxes. 

I used the waste from cutting the cogs as a stencil and added texture paste through it.  I also used a lattice stencil with a smooth white texture paste mixed with Dyna paint.  I used the card circle waste from the cogs as screw and bolt heads.  I added white sand texture paste  through a card stencil along the top of the eyes as eye lashes.  I used a copper marker pen to outline the eyes, then added cogs as eyeballs and screw heads  for the Iris'.  I decorated some die cut pipes the same as the cogs and added them as a moustache, then added the metal lock as a mouth.

When all the texture paste was dry I added all the die cut embellishments and a small metal clock.  I wanted a suitable mount for my mask, so I took a large piece of cardboard and peeled the top layer off in a few places.  I then painted it in black gesso and added gold gilding wax to highlight the texture.  When dry I attached the mask with strong bookbinding glue.

I had SUCH a blast creating this mask!  It turned out just as I hoped it would.  Now as I've said I love Steampunk, I love this mask - and I shall probably make another one!  I think my teenage grandson would probably like one for his room.  
Thank you for popping by today, I hope you've enjoyed this post - do pop back soon  :)  


  1. This is a very cool mask and just in time for Mardi Gras. Love the black base which showcases ll the work you have done.

    1. Hi Birgit, I'm so sorry that I haven't replied until now :( I must have missed your comment somehow! Thank you very much for your lovely comment hun, I love hearing from you x