Friday, 12 June 2020

The Old Boiler Room

Hello, welcome to my blog  :)  I am sharing a piece of Steampunk home decor today, which in my opinion is a marriage made in heaven lol!  My love of Steampunk and Industrial genres never fail to inspire me and I love creating pieces of artwork in those genres.
For this project I have used an MDF substrate, a shadow box with a border of cogs; I have also used light air dry clay and moulds, Steampunk printed paper, black Gesso, acrylic paints, metalic paste, coloured crackle paste, printed 3D card figures and printed Steampunk die cut pieces, MDF cogs of various sizes, greyboard die cuts, Glossy Accents, Liquid Acrylic Wax, greyboard embellishments and black texture paste.  


I assembled the shadow box and added the base frame, then I painted it all with black Gesso.  I also painted the MDF cogs with Gesso.

I took some Steampunk themed printed paper and cut it to size to fit inside the frame, then  I distressed the edges of the paper with scissors.  I blended brown ink to enhance the distressed edges.  I used a small cog stencil in one of the top corners and applied some black texture paste.  I then did the same using a stencil of Industrial Lighting.  When the paste was dry I painted the light bulbs with a yellow neon acrylic paint and added some copper paint to the fillaments and also to the cogs.  I applied a coat of wax to the paper before attaching it inside the shadow box.

I created some pipes, cogs, screw heads and 'metal' sheets using air dry clay in moulds.  When dry I painted the clay embellishments with metalic paste.  This gave them a 'pitted' metalic texture and look. 

The next step was to age and distress the 'metal' pieces.  I applied some metalic copper paint by 'splodging' it on with a brush randomly.  I then added a mixture of black sand texture paste and turquoise paint, which gives the effect of Verdigris.  

For the next step I took the frame and applied copper crackle paste then left it to dry naturally, that way it gives better, natural looking crackles.    

It was now time to place all the pieces into position before attaching them with multi purpose media gel.  

I decided to add a couple of inventors.

After attaching all the embellishments inside the the shadow box it was time to attach the ones around the frame.  I had painted and aged the MDF cogs that came with the shadow box so I arranged them around the frame and attached them with the multi purpose media gel.  I also added a few printed die cut embellishments.

This is a project that I have wanted to do for a while, and I'm really pleased with the result.  I am especially happy with the way my hand crafted boiler turned out!  It was a lot of work - definitely not a quick project - but so worth it and I enjoyed every minute of it.  
Thank you for popping in today, I hope that you have enjoyed this post.  Feel free to browse further on my blog or drop in again soon  :)  


  1. Oh my Penny what a brilliant project, wonderful elements to it, love the pipes and how you've coloured them to give an aged look, your design is amazing, so creative, Kate x

    1. Hi Kate, thank you so much :) Hope you are well xxx

  2. I love it.