Thursday, 6 February 2014

Snowy Village

This design features stamps that have been in my stash for years, but I bring them out every Christmas and use them in a different way.  As you may have noticed, I love making simple black and white designs, and this is no exception!  The base card is white cardstock, and the same for the focal panel.  The background is a textured black paper which is stamped with a Fir tree scene image in white Brilliance ink.  The focal panel is stamped with a village scene image in black distress ink.  Using a paintbrush and water some of the ink from the outlines is dragged into the image to create a watercoloured effect, using extra ink to shade certain areas.  The village image is then stamped on to masking paper and cut out, and the mask is put over the first image.  A tree image is stamped in black over the mask, and in first and second generation ink.  The edges of the panel are tinted and the sky is created.  When the mask is removed the trees appear behind the village pushing it in to the foreground.  Two types of white glitter, one fluffy and one ordinary are mixed together in a small pot and added to clear drying glue which has been applied to the rooftops and snow drifts.  When dry a slim ribbon is added to the panel, then the panel is matted on to the background which is then attached to the base card.

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