Thursday, 20 February 2014

Autumn Mini Canvass

This project uses a mini canvass about 3 or 4 inches square.  This one was made for a dear friend using her initial, but several mini canvasses could be linked together to form a name or word.  The canvass is first given a coat of white gesso as a base.  Then two or three colours of acryllic paints are used with a wide, stiff brush to blend them on to the canvass and add texture.  As my friend and I both love using leaves and trees in our crafting that is the theme for this canvass.  Once the paints are dry trailing vine leaf images are stamped along the top and sides in sepia ink, then the edges are distressed with the ink.  Using flitter glue(or similar) more leaf images are stamped in the corners of the canvass, and guilding flakes are applied.  In one of the corners the glue is just dabbed on to the artwork and flakes applied.  A large  letter outline image is stamped on to white card that has been painted or inked to co-ordinate with the paints used on the canvass, using pigment ink and gold embossing powder.  It is then heat embossed and cut out.    The same leaf image that was used around the edge is stamped on to the letter in sepia ink.  Then the letter is given a coat of glossy accents.   Some small leaves are punched out of the same card and glossy accents applied. 

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