Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Lakeside Trees.

These cards have been created with the same techniques as the previous cards using different stamps, and with the addition of a water reflection.   The reflection is stamped onto the card using the brayer. The stamp(in this case trees) is inked and  a clean brayer is rolled up the stamp taking the image onto the roller.     The image is then rolled onto the card, then the card is turned upside down.  The stamp is inked and stamped above the first image.  A piece of copier paper is scrunched up and then straightened out again, creating texture.  The brayer is inked and then rolled over the paper, taking on the pattern.  Then the brayer is rolled once over the the upside down trees creating the effect of water.  This technique is another that I have learnt from Barbara Gray.


  1. Oh these are all so bloody impressive. First class honours for Invention, Inspiration and Imagination. One of the best card making blogs I have seen - I'd make any of these. SEND IT TO TIM!!!!!!! And BARBARA G. I must pull my finger out and get blogging...... Now go and get the other 200 cards on here....

  2. Righto! But my fingers can only go so fast!!