Tuesday, 28 January 2014

A Misty Morning.

 These designs are again inspired by Barbara Gray and using her stamps and techniques.  It involves using a brayer, stamps and a multi- tonal ink pad to build a scene.  A circle is cut out of masking paper and placed on to a piece of white glossy card.  Then a brayer is used to colour the card, rolling over the masked circle, creating the sky.  The ink should be pale, so only a light loading of the brayer is needed.  A piece of copier paper is torn in a wavy line to create 'hill' shapes to use as a mask, then the sky is masked off leaving the hill shapes at the bottom of the card.  The brayer is loaded with more ink and rolled over the mask to create dark hills in the foreground.  The mask is moved along and the remaining ink on the brayer used to create a paler hill in the background. The hill mask is removed.   A large tree image is stamped in dark ink on to the card as if in the foreground, then it is turned on it's side, re-inked and stamped along the bottom edge as hedge rows.  A smaller tree image is stamped using second and third generation ink to create a woodland in the distance.  The circle mask is removed and an image of clouds across a sun or moon is stamped over the white circle left by the mask.  A flock of birds is stamped in the sky to complete the scene.

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